How to make digital marketing work harder for you

If you are reading this I have to assume that you are an intelligent, salient, being that already understands the value of having a strong online presence.

Whether you run your own business or occupy a management role in another, you know that the socially and digitally connected world we live in demands your “shop” is easily found in the online space.

You also (should) know that the days of merely plonking down your flag on the digital landscape (ala Tom Cruise in the Hollywood movie Far and Away) is not good enough – certainly not in terms of converting online traffic into sales – which is the ultimate point of having a website is it not?

In this series I will take you through 7 key disciplines that have to work in harmony in order for your business to reach its digital marketing goals, from website design to lead conversion. Read more

Struggling with Organic Rankings? Here are 7 Reasons why

You’ve taken the leap and set up a professional website for your business, but for some reason your brand spanking new website isn’t moving up the organic rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. The truth is that ‘some reason’ may be 7 reasons. Setting up a website is not enough, it’s how you set it up that matters. Here are 7 things that could be hindering your efforts in progressing up the organic search rankings.

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5 Tips to International Growth with Paid Search

Who says you have to keep your business small? Not us, that’s for sure. They say the sky is the limit, but should you have to stop there? If you have dominated on SA soil, your business has expanded and you are seeing healthy revenue generation, then why not consider breaking into international markets? Read through our 5 top tips on coordinating effective campaigns targeted to different countries and forget predetermined limits; take your company into the stratosphere!

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