Multi-Channel Attribution Modelling 101

What is MCAM?

There are a few things in this world which are probably more confusing than multi-channel attribution modelling. Those would be neuroscience, astrophysics and, yep that’s about it…

Ok, so it’s not that bad. The truth is that multi-channel attribution modelling has received a few raised eyebrows in recent times because, when it comes to analytics, most of the head scratching, frown farming moments can be attributed to multi-channel attribution modelling. 

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A Fresh Analysis: New Web Analytics and smart business decisions.

a-fresh-analysis-new-web-analytics-and-smart-business-decisionsGuess how old the internet is? 
24 years old!

Did you guess right? Are you 24 years old? Do you remember being 24 years old? Ok, seriously, what’s the deal with being 24 years old?

24 years, that is (apparently) the age at which the brain finally matures, or so they say. Some wives and girlfriends may take one look at their man woofing down a pack of biltong and playing GTA on PS3 and beg to differ. Read more

(Digital) Marketing Success in 5 Steps

digital-marketing-success-in-5-stepsIn our last issue we touched on the basic elements you need when it comes to creating your company’s website.

If you missed it, here’s a quick recap: Your website is your online premises and by optimising the layout of your premises and the shopper’s experience you greatly increase your chance of converting sales. Read more