What is your strategy in this digital world?

We have moved on from asking “what is your digital strategy” to “what is your strategy in a digital world?”

by Dean Rajh-Gopaul

The answer is, obviously, not nearly as simple as some make it out to be.

You (or your company’s marketers) are told to just keep your Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost per Click (CPC) as low as possible and the rest of the world’s acronyms (your SEO, SEM, eCRM, DSC, TC and PDC) all in check and performing and you’re away… okay fine, those last three were actually driver aids on vehicles but, in all honesty, the speed at which digital moves, they might well be real things in practice by the time you finish reading this article.

So what is strategy in a digital world, really?


Dean Rajh-Gopaul

Broadly speaking it’s working out:

  • how the online world plays a part in the overall business strategy,
  • understanding where digital will lead the way
  • where it will support your other channels

Your company wants to grow, be it in market penetration through new product offerings or entering new markets, so how will digital help make this happen?

Broken down further, strategy itself is about understanding where you currently are, where you want to go, then developing a systematic, measurable plan of how to get there, all within a desired time frame.

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Professional Work

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T. Swart

SNX re-launches with new website, new services and new management team.

SNX (previously SearchNetworx) is the second oldest brand in the incuBeta Group of digital marketing and technology companies.

The brand launched operations in 2002 and has, since then, grown to a company actively servicing a base of over 1300 clients – specifically in Small to Medium Business, industrial and manufacturing-related industries.

“Like everyone else in this digital space we’ve had our fair share of challenges,” says newly appointed Johannesburg branch manager, Walter Hoyer. “Reality is that, over the past 16 years and (literally) thousands of clients – we’ve consistently hovered around a 75%-80% client satisfaction rate and that is a statistic we are desperate to change.

I am part of a new management team assembled to move that stagnant approval rate into the 90s, no mean feat considering the volumes we are dealing with but it is my firm belief that every client is unique, that everyone deserves to be treated as ‘the only one’ – and that certainly is the mantra of our teams under this new SNX brand.”

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