Google Analytics for Organic SEO – What Does That Mean?

“Google Analytics for Organic SEO” is a daunting term for anyone to comprehend, especially if you are a layman. Thankfully Google Analytics for Organic SEO is not as complicated as it appears to be; which is great, because understanding Google Analytics is important for anyone that owns a website.

First and foremost, Google Analytics allows you, as the client, to monitor the performance of your website. Similarly, Google Analytics identifies the various arenas in which your online marketing campaign, or website, is succeeding and where it can be improved.

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Understanding the online advertising path from impressions, clicks, leads and new business

Many people are confused by how online advertising works due to the complicated language and complexity that surrounds it. At its most basic level, online advertising is about reaching your target market and converting them into business.

We call the number of times your adverts have been see an “impression” and the number of times that advert has been clicked on (i.e. interacted with) a “click”. There are normally over 100 impressions per click, so if you received 1000 clicks your advert has been seen 100 0000 times or more by your target market. Read more

How to use changing email usage habits to your advantage

In our 15 years of helping small businesses market themselves, we have been exposed to a number of brilliant ideas that makes a BIG difference to our customer’s businesses without being complicated or expensive. Here are three quick tips that we would like to share about how you can improve your business using the emails you send out every day.

As you have probably experienced, the number of emails we receive today is growing significantly. People now use their emails as a primary communication method and the “inbox overload” provides both a risk, as emails get lost, and an opportunity, to make your business stand out.

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In the front of the queue

The team at Search Networx have decided to do more for our existing client base, so there is a few extra’s coming to the table.

To start we now have the ability to rank our clients on the FRONT PAGE of Google, which in most cases proves to be a good investment. With that we can grow your site to feature organically on the front page of Google as well. Now that is 2 slots on the front page and we have just gotten started, to know slot number three we would need to meet.

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Bye Bye 2010

Thank you for working with us in 2010!

We hope it was a great year and that 2011 is even better.

We, like yourselves, no doubt had some high and lows for the year. We are proud to have shared an amazing time with some of our clients at Madame Zingara. The pictures contain memories of one of the best times of the 2010 year for us.

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World Cup 2010

48 days to go to world cup 2010 and South Africa comes to a standstill at least for those fans coming to the country and those diehard soccer fans living in S.A. But we still have to pay the bills as we don’t get a benefit from our landlords or government for the fact that we have to remain open and attentive to not only our current local customers but potential new customers dressed in the clothing and the colours of their favorite teams.

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